I may have gone a little overboard with the stripes here-but oh well! If there is one pattern I adore, its stripes. 

Unfortunately its starting to get chilly outside, which means fall wardrobes are coming out to play. To be completely honest I hate fall. Its quite the tease-its not cold enough to wear your chunky knits, but its obviously not warm enough to wear effortless rompers and jumpsuits. Not to mention I prefer to stick to wearing minimal clothes-its just what I'm comfortable in. Anywho, I am currently trying to make the most of the semi-warm weather and go sans tights. So here we have a typical Ang outfit-black and white, leggy, and stripes on stripes.

Top -  H&M   Skort -  Zara   Vest -  Zara   Shoes -     Kohl’s

Top - H&M

Skort - Zara

Vest - Zara

Shoes -  Kohl’s