This outfit practically spells fall out to me.

I love close-fitting clothes-it simply flatters my body best. Recently though I have had an obsession with loose-fitting pants, which is weird because I usually despise pants. Relative to the rest of my body, my legs are a lot curvier, which makes finding pants that actually fit and flatter me a nightmare. But loose-fitting pants seem to be the answer. And my favorite part about these pants is the movement. Sometimes I think that is the key to the ultimate ensemble. Not to mention it's so much easier to walk around campus all day, not having to pull down my shorts or worry if my backpack is pulling my skirt up!

These culottes are K-I-L-L-E-R. They are ridiculously comfortable and again, have major movement. It's kind of funny because I always get tons of compliments whenever I wear culottes on campus, yet everyone is mystified by the trend! I think the idea of a garment that looks like a loose midi-skirt, which is typically associated with a more frumpy, old look, is intimidating to a lot of women out there. But you just have to style it right and you've got yourself a breathtaking outfit. I mean if I can pull this look off, anybody can. I think my style is simple with an edgy twist. Which is why this leather vest and "superhero" cuff" made this outfit work for my style. But let's say you're more preppy chic. Just pair these culottes with a cropped button up and a collarless blazer and you have an outfit that works with your aesthetic. The key is to stay true to your style and own whatever you're wearing regardless of what other people say.