As promised, here are the pics from the "rags" part of my photoshoot with Estelle. This was actually my personal favorite because there was so much to work with at this ridiculously creepy location and I was way more about this outfit. The house was practically falling apart, I leaned on one of the posts at one point and you could tell just how unstable the entire structure was. We got to the house just in time for sunset. We started outside the house, and right when it started getting dark we decided to make our way inside, which was slightly terrifying, but ultimately made for some stunning photos. 

I used to love dressing up-sporting ridiculously high heels and a killer dress, as uncomfortable as that may have been. I'm not totally sure when that all changed, but boy did it change. Gone are the days when I would refuse to even wear a pair of jeans. My current go-to outfit is boyfriend jeans, a sweater crop top, sneakers, and a black leather jacket. Casual is also trending right now, it's all about looking as effortless as possible, but still chic AF.

 I am in love with this particular outfit-it's as comfortable and edgy as it gets. These pants feel like you aren't even wearing pants, which is the epitome of comfort to me. This outfit isn't quite wearable for a normal day considering the fact that I am wearing a sports bra. But you can easily make this work for an everyday look. Swap the sports bra out for a black crop top and actually wear the leather jacket on both arms, and you've got yourself the perfect cozy look.

sports bra - Forever 21

pants - mother got me these from India! similar here

jacket - H&M

shoes - H&M

bracelet - Forever 21