About two and half weeks ago I was *SO* over my hair, and all I wanted was to chop it off to a long (as in very, very long bob). I was so determined I found the only hair salon in my area with an appointment within the hour. I headed into the salon with my post-gym hair and knew exactly what I wanted.

Well, it started out great until I looked down and I saw a lot of hair-I'm talking piles of hair. And that's when I knew the stylist got ahead of herself and was just chopping away. The entire time I kept saying to myself, don't worry once she styles it, it will look exactly like you wanted! Wrong. I looked into the mirror, and man- I hadn't had my hair this short since I was three years old. I started balling my eyes out in the salon-yes I was that girl. I got into the car and cried some more and proceeded to facetime all my friends to get a judgment, they assured me it looked great but I just couldn't see past the fact that my hair was short AF and it wasn't what I wanted

Anyways after scaring my parents, who have an emotional attachment to my long hair, and a day or two of adjusting I got used to it. And I am now happy to say I am actually in love with the haircut, it just feels oh-so chic, edgy, and just very me.

Although now that my hair is on the edgier side, I do feel like my outfits are taken to a whole nother level - I'm talking slightly scary edgy. My new hair + all black, edgy outfits + constant RBF add up to me looking pretty unapproachable. But I promise it's all just a facade. 

top - H&M  pants - H&M  shoes - H&M  (wow I get a lot from H&M)  choker: Forever 21

top - H&M

pants - H&M

shoes - H&M

(wow I get a lot from H&M)

choker: Forever 21