The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
— Franklin D. Roosevelt

Fear is a funny thing. It can help you in the fight or flight situation, but it can also impede you from overcoming an obstacle. I happen to have an extreme fear of ice skating. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to go skating at the National Gallery of Art Ice Rink, because I’m a glorified adult so clearly I should be able to overcome my fears right? Wrong. I spent the first thirty minutes inching forward while on-lookers who saw the fear in my eyes gave me words of encouragement. That was nice and all but it didn’t mean that I was letting go of the railing because what could be worse than falling? But then I saw a child who had just stepped on to the rink and was clinging to the railing. He magically let himself fly on the ice with his tiny ice skates. And then he fell with a huge thud. I expected tears, but instead he got right up and flowed even more effortlessly on the ice. That little child inspired me to let go of the railing. Not that I was some expert skater by hour two, but I had definitely overcome my fears to some extent in that moment.

Well the exact same concept applies to dressing yourself. I know so many people who are scared to experiment with their outfits because they don’t think they can “pull it off”, when in fact its just the fear in their minds that is stopping them from strutting in those leather pants and faux fur vest. I strongly believe that you should have the freedom to dress the way you like, whether its a t-shirt and sweats or a skin-tight latex dress. Whatever makes you happy you need to do so that you can ultimately be content with your decision. Of course in the grand scheme of things outfits probably aren’t the biggest deal, but the idea of sticking with your beliefs can get you through a lot of sticky situations.

To be completely and utterly honest this outfit probably wasn’t the best idea for ice skating, I mean exposed shins? But I really wanted to bring these leather pants out of the closet so I went for it. Topped off with a black and white crop top and some faux fur and you’ve got yourself a casual yet completely chic ensemble.

Top -  H&M   Pants -  Forever 21   shoes -  Kohl’s

Top - H&M

Pants - Forever 21

shoes - Kohl’s