Back to the basics with this look-well, kind of. Going for an outfit in a head-to-toe hue is the easiest way to achieve an effortlessly chic outfit. When in doubt, I just throw on an all black or white outfit and have myself a simple, but completely cool ensemble. 

So let's talk about this sweater. I fell head over heels when I first saw this on ASOS. I mean the single long sleeve is such a small detail, but it manages to make such an impact on this outfit. I can't tell you how many people asked me what happened to my other sleeve when I wore this. However I must admit, a one sleeve sweater in these frigid temps is probably not ideal. In fact while I was photographing this look I thought my right arm was going to freeze off. So this outfit is probably not the best if you plan on spending a long period of time outdoors. 


And now for that funny little pin-"DAT ASS". I am currently loving statement anything and everything. I used to have a thing against wearing anything with words because I thought it spoke too loudly and took away from this symbolic meaning an outfit can have. But now I actually love how direct words on a top can be.

top -  ASOS   vest - Zara  pants -  H&M   shoes -  H&M   earrings -  ASOS   pin -  bando

top - ASOS

vest - Zara

pants - H&M

shoes - H&M

earrings - ASOS

pin - bando