Back Attack

So after many a month of not posting anything fitness related, I finally have a workout video for you wonderful people. I basically just got over of my fear, I guess you could call it, of filming my workout and just did it! And again the quality is pretty mediocre, but you can see how to perform the exercises so that's all that matters.

And here we have a heart-pounding circuit that hits the back. Deadlifts are probably my favorite lift out there, I have been working on it for almost 4 years now. But this lift is pretty tricky, because you want to make sure your form is on point, because it's really easy to mess up your back if your form is a little off. So definitely start with a really, really light weight. When I first started out I just had 10lb plates on each side-aka a total of 55 lbs. Honestly before you even try this circuit I would perform deadlifts solo to make sure your form is 100%.

Okay well once you have perfected the tricky deadlift you can try this circuit out. Start out with 10-12 deadlifts at a comfortable weight. Then go into a plate row and make sure you squuuuueeeeezzze with all your might at the very top of the move. And finally end it all with 15-20 mountain climbers. 

I tried to include a couple different angles so you can see exactly how your form should be, let me know if you all like these videos or want to see something else!

Also the cover picture is from Decemberish, aka pre-Christmas, aka leaner days haha. I am going to try to get more fitness outfit posts photographed soon though! I just never want to do it when I am actually working out because I am typically a sweaty mess.

But outfit details from the video:

Top - Fabletics

Leggings - GAP

Sneakers - Nike

Gloves - Nike