So apparently "spring has sprung" according to a few too many Instagram captions. Well spring is here, but the temps are still not that warm (which low-key I am kind of happy about because I have some sweater-weather outfits that I still have to post!). Ya, if you're outside at 3pm it's brilliantly sunny and warm. But if you're like most people, you are out of the house in the A.M. (7am in my case!) and you definitely need a head-to-toe warm look. So it's all about layers on layers. 

This outfit ranks as one of my favorites to date. I mean its pretty fabulous yet oh-so comfy and great for a 12 hour day. First off, high-waisted jeans are a current must-have for me. I mean they look good on everybody and that little peek of skin is perfect for a spring day! Not to mention, they are so versatile.

To be honest I think I have more crop tops than normal tops, but I have no shame. In fact 5/7 days during the winter you could probably find me in a crop top. But this little striped crop top is perfect to pair with the chevron faux fur jacket. You would think that this would be print overload, but the print contrast actually works perfectly because of the black and white motif.

On another note I am going to try to post more workout routines and such. I have a lot of friends that just aren't sure what to do when they get into the weight room so I would love to share my routines. I just like to film some of the circuits so that you all can easily see what workouts I am talking about, because sometimes it's hard to understand the exercise without visuals. But as I've said before I work out solo so it is kind of hard to get those videos. But I'm going to work on it!

top - H&M

jacket - H&M

jeans - H&M

shoes - Kohl's

earrings - ASOS