Let's talk about this weather. Is it spring or is it winter? Will we ever know? Last week it was a balmy 72 degrees, and today it's below freezing and we are supposed to get snow. The current temps have me very confused-I mean how does one dress for these drastic changes? I for one am 110% done with winter. I am ready for bare bralettes and lots of leg, but I guess patience makes the heart grow fonder. 

So here we have the closest thing to a spring inspired outfit that this weather will allow. A simple, yet ridiculously warm sweater, plus an easy skort and some sweater tights-and we have ourselves a formula for a cozy, warm ensemble. Everybody always asks how I'm not cold wearing tights with winter's freezing breeze. But honestly I find sweater tights to be way, way warmer than wearing pants. Another great, and chic way to retain the heat is to double up with some over the knee socks. I have a pair of wool ones from H&M and damn, they can get me through below freezing temps any day.

Sweater - H&M

Skort - ASOS

Tights - Kohl's

Boots - Kohl's

Earrings - ASOS