I remember the days when I had a strict stance against jeans. Well those days are long gone my friends. A lot of people thought that I wouldn't wear jeans because I thought they weren't fashionable enough and too "normal" but it's actually because I could never find a pair that fits.

Enter Mom jeans. I cannot tell you how much I am in l-o-v-e with this style of jeans. They are high waisted and not too tight so they flatter practically any body shape! I would 10/10 recommend if you have never tried this style out.

The key to pulling off a pair of mom jeans is effortlessly chic styling. It is definitely easy to look frumpy in mom jeans, simply because they are a looser fit. So my go-to is a simple crop top to emphasize my waist and bring some shape to the entire look. So some days I feel lean as a bean, but other days I feel a little too bloated. So depending on the day I may opt to belt these jeans to make sure that there isn't too much stomach action.

Now let's talk jewelry. I am currently digging the phrase less is more. So with this look I went for a pair of cool earrings (mostly covered by my hair), a thumb ring, and an anklet. And finally these patent leather mules topped off the mommy chic outfit. 

Top - Zara

Jeans - Forever 21

Shoes - ASOS