It was a HOT day and my friend and i decided we needed a break from the city-so beach day! We took the Q train all the way to Coney Island, and it was almost eery to be out of the city. The early morning trip meant no obnoxious honking, siren free silence, and no streets filled with hurried folks. I didn’t realize how much I needed the day off until I got there, and man did I enjoy it. 

Striped overalls seemed like a clear choice for a day on the boardwalk. I love almost everything about these overalls, except for the fact that they keep riding up and exposing a wee bit of the behind-whoops. I paired it with simple black accessories and voila, we have a perfectly edgy look. Now the one incredibly stupid thing I forgot on my beach day was my bathing suit-mind you it was burning hot and i was not looking to get a tan with my overalls on. So i opted to just strip down to the undies. But of course I chose not to wear a bra, so just covered up with an extra dress that was in my bag. 

Note to self: Don’t be stupid and not wear a bathing suit to the beach in the future.

Overalls -  H&M   Top -  Forever 21   Sunglasses -  Forever 21   Shoes -  ASOS   Hand chain -  Jewelmint

Overalls - H&M

Top - Forever 21

Sunglasses - Forever 21

Shoes - ASOS

Hand chain - Jewelmint