You know, sometimes all you want to be is comfortable-that's how I have been feeling a lot as of late. As much as I love strutting around in a mini skirt, some occasions call for a cozy, yet completely chic outfit. For example finals week-duhn duhn duhnnnnnn! 

Of course I am that "extra" girl that just has to dress up for the first day of finals, but honestly when I dress well, I feel confident and ready to conquer the day. Whether I am hitting the gym or just going to the grocery store, I find this incessant need to stay consistent with my fashion aesthetic. Make-up and hair are just extras to me, the real action is in the outfit. 

What I am wearing defines how I feel on a particular day-I know it sounds excessive, but I have always been this way. I remember in high school I used to spend a ridiculous amount of time picking my outfit every morning, in fact I was late most days because I just had to have the perfect outfit on (actually now that I think about it, I still do this haha).

 This sweater is the definition of warm. Not to mention, it's also ridiculously cool with asymmetric zippers, allowing you to switch up your look within seconds. Paired with my favorite cropped turtleneck and some edgy leggings and we've got ourselves the perfect outfit.

top -  H&M   leggings -  Forever 21   Cardigan -  Forever 21   Boots -  H&M

top - H&M

leggings - Forever 21

Cardigan - Forever 21

Boots - H&M