Top - Forever 21

Pants - Mother got these for me from India! similar here

Earrings - ASOS

Shoes - H&M

Can we talk about how comfy these pants are real quick? Because it feels like you're not even wearing pants and that's a win-win to me. 

I actually referenced this outfit in one of my older posts (Haunted), as a more casual version of that outfit which you would likely not wear on the daily.

Anywho, here we have a ridiculously simple, yet hella' edgy ensemble. Head-to-toe black has become a staple for me. But I actually have this urge to experiment with some vivacious colors and patterns, so perhaps more color to come?


Also laughing at this great picture on the right of me adjusting my bra. Unfortunately had to wear a bra because it's getting prettttty cold which means this top would be very nippy without one!