Jumpsuit -  Forever 21   Shoes -  Target

Jumpsuit - Forever 21

Shoes - Target

Jumpsuits are a staple for me right now. I mean they are so easy. You put it on and you have an effortlessly chic outfit in seconds! I suppose the only downfall to jumpsuits and rompers is when you have to use the bathroom- and you’re sitting there butt naked (got that from a meme haha). But hey, I can handle that so long as I can save time and be comfortable as ever.


I’m not exactly a color person, as you all know, but this jumpsuit speaks to me. The pattern is bold-but not too crazy, and the color palette is just subtle enough to not make too much of a statement. Something else I’m really into right now is low cut everything. I used to be pretty insecure about my slightly to very flat chest, but now I own it! This jumpsuit shows just the right amount of skin, and the slightly open back is perfect for the current weather situation(aka hot AF). Top it off with a chunky choker and this outfit has all the pairings for a perfectly comfortable and chic Sunday afternoon. (This particular outfit was worn for my first visit to Smorgasburg!….nomsss)