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Textures Galore

Leigh and I went on the hunt for cool backgrounds to contrast the knit material of my top. Scroll down to see the detail shots.

Pro Tip

Don't climb a tree in heels and a cropped top.

Well my little family, where do I begin? Let's start like this-the wheels have been turning.

I haven't posted in way too long, but I have lots (perhaps even too much?) to share now. So update time: I graduated almost a month ago, got a job, and moved to NYC basically right after grad.

This is a little bit of a rewind, but the day before I came up to NYC I got a letter from my high school self (courtesy of my HS history teacher). It couldn't have been better timing, I wrote about my dreams and more importantly the person I had hoped I would become. I almost wanted to cry when I read it because I had somehow put those words into action and almost everything had become my reality. 

New York has been good to me so far. I feel like I am at home. My dad asked me if I was excited to go to NYC before I left and I answered, I just feel like it should be happening and it was happening. I think that over the past four years of college I have gotten a strong understanding of who I am and what motivates me. And I guess all I can say is that I am thrilled to see how I grow in the coming years. 

Well now, what you're really here for: the outfit. I took these pictures on a particularly burning day and this outfit worked wonderfully for the weather. But probably not the best outfit for climbing a tree. I mean kitten heels and a cropped-to-the-max top? I mean are we even surprised that I am wearing a crop top at this point though. I am fairly certain that 90% of the tops in my closet are cropped. I love this pairing because simply put it's, easy. I feel like I can move in it, I feel like I can breath in it, and most importantly I feel confident in it. 

But what I really want to talk about is the person who took these photos, Leigh. First and foremost-love the pictures. But rarely do I meet people that exude passion for their choice of work.  But you can practically feel the fervor on some people. Leigh is one of the few people that I can feel that with. There is such a clear difference between those who work for money and those who work because they love what they're doing. Speaking to my future self, I hope that I never become the kind of person that works solely for the money. 

Top - ZARA

Pants - ASOS

Shoes - ASOS

Earrings - ASOS

Choker - ZARA


Also playing around with the format of my pictures, hence the images with slightly random captions haha.